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Fremont Knives Fremont Knivese choose to live, work and play in the west, out here "Survival", "Self Reliance", "Honesty" and "Integrity" are not themes of a marketing strategy or the punchline to a trendy "Doomsday Prepper" joke, they are things we do every day, all day. We don't always need a knife, but we typically feel out of place with out one in our pocket. When the need arises for the use of a quality knife, we reach for a "Fremont knife."

Fremont Knives has created a new brand of knives and tools that reflect our way of life in the west, one of self reliance and outdoor sport whether we are hunting, camping, fishing or whatever. We live pretty close to some pretty wild country and we rely on tools that will do a tough job whenever needed. We will try and make them in the U.S.A. when we can, but we also are mindful of folks like us who make it a priority to live in wild places where there are not a lot of high paying jobs and affordability is pretty important.
Fremont Knives

Fremont Knives
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