Fremont Knives was named after Fremont County, Wyoming, where we live the modern western dream. Out here, our values have not really changed all that much, even though the world has. We moved here 6 years ago and found that a lot of our friends are pretty outdoor oriented and love the rugged country and the self sufficient people that live here. Since our background in knives came from working for a large knife company, we decided to start our own enterprise where we design tools for those who have real needs due to the time they spend out of doors. This includes hunters, campers, hikers, and bush craft folks. We listen to them, watch them in the field and then try to come up with affordable tools . The Country of Origin for each product varies. The Farson line is made in China and based on our many years of experience we picked the highest quality suppliers we can find. The Draper Signature series made in the U.S. A good number of our friends in Wyoming live here because of the lifestyle and do not enjoy high salaries, so we aim to make our products very affordable. Sorry if this offends some. We would like to make everything at home too.

We reached out to Mike Draper, who has been a custom knife maker for over 10 years in Riverton Wyoming for design help on our Farson Blade. Mike graciously licensed his designs to us and really understands the kind of folks we are trying to reach with these high performance, quality products.

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Best regards,

Jason Wilson
President, Fremont Knives