Farson Blade

The Farson Blade is brilliant prehistoric tool, we modernized from an ancient tool we found in the Great Red Desert near Farson Wyoming.

When you truly staked you life on a tool, the design matters. This tool can nearly do it all.

Farson Hatchet

This tool out performs anything you may have had in your hands lately. Choke up on the tool, use it like a knife or firmly grasp the handle and make short work of kindling. Whether you are building a shelter, skinning big game, or simply preparing dinner at camp this unique design gets it done.


Sharp and Stout this general purpose outdoor knife can master all of your hunting and skinning chores. The 5” inch blade can handle the big jobs like cutting through bone or tree limbs too. With the strong blade, long blade, it works well in a survival situation.


The Baldwin Creek is a stout, general purpose outdoor knife that can handle all of your hunting and skinning chores. The 3” inch blade is a perfect size for processing. With the strong blade, it works well in a survival situation. Also offered in a clip, folder perfect for a everyday carry.

5 O'Clock

if you're going to partake in a barley pop after a long day afield, you should really be carrying a 5 O'Clock Somewhere Knife. Perfect for opening your favorite craft beer and cutting up some of that deer sausage. The two most important things in a man's life, beer and meat.

Hunting Combo

After playing with our new hatchet and Hide Glider we realized that we had a complete package of some serious tools to work up
your big game. The hatchet is fantastic in breaking bone and the glider skins like a champ.

This is a minimalistic tool that performs maximum work. As a nice side product of the design, it could be easier to clean? We just could not tolerate any more small gut hooks and designed this one to do the big jobs with thick hides. The serrations are designed for the index finger to rest when skinning.

Hunters Tool Kit

(Slim, Jim & Fatty) were designed to be simplistic, lightweight and purely functional knives. The “up-Knife”, fondly named “Jim” zips through hide and body cavity of game with ease.